I've been having a bit of digital-magic fun ... these were created for my latest Volcom blog post, which you can check out here if you want to see more in the same vein (or if you're keen on tattooed cockatoos and kookaburras).

Also, I've printed a couple of A3 posters of these works, which you can shop here (along with a lot of my older limited edition prints, which are on sale at the moment!).

Lots of exciting life-change moments are happening right now ... but more on that soon. All this life-changing is making me incredibly busy and kind-of frantic.


Things I loved in April:
These Valley Cruise Press pins; Eden adventures on Australia’s south coast – that means dolphins, penguins, squid, diving, octopus, waterfalls, beers, and the best vegie burgers at the pub; celebrating five years of good years with my partner; winter vegetable gardening; Easter daisiesand flower collages; sunny days with threatening afternoon storm clouds; making crazy variety salads to fend off winter sickness; forcing others to listen to the B52s and MJ in the car; Lester Bangs’s biography; lemons slowly turning yellow on our tree; Woody Guthrie wisdom; fireside drinks with friends; CobraCult pieces like this; back-veranda-studio days; and scary future plans. 


Hey Kiwi friends, I’m coming to visit your shores next week, with the Volcom women's Oz creative gang. We’re running an invite-only evening in Auckland on Tuesday, May 5 and I have 10 double passes to give away!
It's going to be super fun, with incredible lettering lady Gemma O'Brien (@mrseaves101) running a workshop, and me and the rest of the gang (including photographer Elle Green and Volcom creative lead Kim Reynolds) all hanging out, doing a little talk, and maybe a little scribbling. There’s also a nail-art bar! 
If you're nearby Auckland, head over to my instagram (@raychponygold) to snap up a pass. 
Can't wait!


Vintage hat, fringed jacket and Harley Davidson boots (via Vintage Sole), Volcom 'Chilled out' dress, jewellery from The 2 Bandits, Rejoice the Hands, Tree of Life, Coyote Negro, and Lo and Chlo. 

You can't go back home to your family, back home to your childhood ... back home to a young man's dreams of glory and of fame ... back home to places in the country, back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time – back home to the escapes of Time and Memory.
– Thomas Wolfe


A bit late with this one, but some of my favourite things from the past month ...

Lerderderg camping, wandering, night sky watching; Humble’s warm breath on my feet on cold mornings; meeting my lover at the skatepark at dusk; this paisley-and-velvet number; catching up with travelling musician friends like Timberwolf and Morgan Joanel; Mexican and movie nights with an old friend – talking energy and light and life paths with a new one; putting together one of my favourite installments for the Volcom blog; planting winter vegetables and propagating my mum’s indestructible succulent strain; Idylwild’s ‘Wild Horses’ thermal; (slowly) learning Cripple Creek and Foggy Mountain Breakdown on my banjo; clean sheets on winter nights; the artwork of Edith Rewa; and my new Moth Vine Moon print.


My newest blog post for Volcom is up here, check it out!
Lots of fun times with daisies and petals and silver stars. 


Sometime around a week, or maybe two weeks, ago, Melbourne just dropped the seasonal switch and it suddenly became cold, windy, and drizzly in general and miserable in particular. This is the kind of climate-specific event that sends all expatriate northerners into a deep depression. When I call my parents back on the NSW north coast, they’re still talking about sweltering heat and swimming in the creek, and cracking their first tin of icy beer for the afternoon.
It’s a thing we complain about every year, and we usually spend the next five or six months (because that’s how long winter is – at least – in Melbourne) sketching out plans to move home. I’m sure the city’s surly weather has beaten back more than its fair share of northern migrants who just can not stand, any longer, the idea of only being able to swim for one month of the year. 
Regardless of how good the city might be.

But anyway, I’m just writing all this down to remind myself that I feel this way every year. And that every year, we just batten down and try not to get too sad about the short days and the wet shoes. Because there’s things like paisley velvet, heavy leather, stiff denim and black lace; hot chocolates and T.S. Eliot; extended banjo sessions; weird winter blooms; sketchbooks to fill; infinite variations on turquoise, silver and brass jewellery; a medium-sized brown dog; road trips in knits and blankets; fires and whiskey; new moon night skies; a lover and a warm bed; 80s movies and TV shows; Eaten by Dogs and John Lee Hooker; and a spring that will eventually show up. 


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