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So, as it turns out, bikes are really hard to draw. In fact, I probably don't remember the last time I drew an entire person, with feet and everything, either. But we got there! 
For the past few weeks, I've been stringing together some time to work on this drawing for the lovely Kate of Vintage Marketplace, and I'm so pleased (and surprised) that it's finished and it looks OK... The last commission piece I did, it took a year from the day we first discussed it to when it was actually finished. I'm a notorious procrastinator.
But check it out, there is plenty of fine vintage clothing to be had... like some serious serious-good pieces... here.
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  1. that last picture is nuts, i love. What kind of paints do you use? x

  2. Thanks... I've been on a watercolour trip for the last six months, I'm going back to spray paint and acrylic soon!

  3. I actually wish I had has much talent as your have in your pinky finger compared to my dismal drawing skills.

    I LOVE your work. So amazing.

    Following you on GFC and instagram xxx



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