Just a quick sketch, saying hi and thanks to all the kind people who are visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments... It's super encouraging, and this whole exercise has helped my drawing no end. 
So, thanks. 
Also, turns out I have a drawing-related injury, which explains the recurrent migraine/headaches I've been getting. Does this neck/shoulder seizure shit happen to anyone else (from drawing or studying at a flat desk)? I'm not sure if I should look for a slanted desk.


  1. your drawings are lovely, you deserve all the praise you get :)

    and no, although i'm surprised that i don't have a hunchback already for the amount of hours i spend hunched over my desk...

    xx @BecomingUrban

  2. Love your blog. Your art is amazing. I love the fantasy and the truth. Followed you on Google and Bloglovin.

  3. Thanks guys! ... A little bit worried about becoming hunchback now though xo



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