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One of the equally delightful and frustrating aspects of art (and life in general) is that things seem to come together best when they are orchestrated least. 
Nothing illustrates this better than the above works... I had no intention of making a series, they were simply a product of my boredom and restlessness, marching out of my hands one after the other, in an orderly fashion, well-suited to sitting alongside each other. And as it turns out, they are the pieces that resonate most strongly with other people. 
So, I look at it this way -- for every frustrated hour an artist spends pouring over something she 'just knows' is going to be amazing, there's that five-minute throw-away scribble that is infinitely better. Whatever's right. 


  1. You are absolutely right! Sometime we think and think and then when we stop to breathe for a second, things just fall into place...
    I have a 10 year old son who is completely obsessed with Jimi Hendrix and he flipped out when I showed him that 'Axis' piece! haha
    He also love the Stones so I'll have to show him the other one too.
    I'm dreaming and hoping of buying some of your art real soon and I was wondering...
    Would you be open to mixing and matching from those 2 sets but still make a set of 3?
    If not no worries :) Just curious. Thanks! xo

  2. This is so perfect, i'm totally in love with it.
    That's the thing with art, it shouldn't be forced and just come naturally. My best inspiration for new art comes at night when I'm not thinking of making something at all.

    You should be proud of your work.

    Breathe Me

  3. Those are truly beautiful, i'm a little obsessed with them haha
    And so true what you said!


  4. It's so true. I go into my studio, most of the time, with just a rough idea in my head. I love the freedom when you're creating something while restless & unplanned.

    I love these and I'm probably going to have to buy the stones one!

  5. these are so, so beautiful. I love where your creativity is taking you. Anyway, lying in bed and just looked up at my favourite watercolour painting. Made me think of you. Thank you again for giving me such a precious gift. Hope you're well xx

  6. Is or will your art ever be available to buy? They're all so simply amazing and so my style, but better than I could ever dream up. They're such an inspiration. They make me feel home. No matter if they come from thinking hard or a quick thought that becomes more, they are all lovely masterpieces to me, and to you also I hope. Keep rocking.

    Respect, O




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