Sketchy Fridays: Horror vibes

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This was not the best week for me as an artist (hence the cranky last page), and I think my sketchbook is reflecting that. 
There was a bit of being leaned on -- way too heavily -- by people, for things. I created something that I really loved and was proud of, but now I feel antipathy toward it, because of what surrounded -- or followed -- it. 
I did, however, create a second thing that I loved, and I feel happy about it because of what surrounded and followed it -- which was gratitude and kindness. I think I'll be able to share it next week. 
There was also a bit of being ripped off -- in a direct and systematic way, at times -- with one person more-or-less reproducing each new piece I post, and posting it as their own. But I'll get into that later too. 
Anyway, I'm just feeling a bit -- disillusioned. 


  1. I still think your sketchbook looks wonderful. Let your heart lead you wherever it goes. x

    <3 Melissa

  2. Love these!! -I want that second pic on a tshirt!!!
    that was my week as well, fucking fantastic.
    I just did a post on how to make Flower Crowns! Check it out! :)

  3. I hope everything goes well :( your drawings are beyond amazing xx



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