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So I hinted here at the weird recalcitrance and resistance life seems to be enacting this year... At the moment, there's no chance of coasting along for a few weeks without some minor setback or life-upheaval. I'm not sure what's going on. I like to think it's just change agents rallying and rumbling and forcing me to grow up a bit or alter my life. 
But even so, I'm not really that into it. 
Take yesterday, when things got weird again. The real estate sent me a message to say the house we are renting is being put on the market. So, we potentially have to move away from our nice neighbours and cute park and our backyard that is good for fires. Later, I drove home staring at an apocalyptic sunset in which I could actually see the whole outline of the sun, and that thing is huge and scary and I thought it was a nasty omen. When I got home, I found that Humble had eaten one of the screens I was using to print shirts. Then I almost snapped off three fingers on my right hand trying to shut the garage door. 
It got to the point where I felt like maybe I shouldn't attempt to do anything. Doing things was becoming a bit dangerous. 
But then I thought that I could sit there, not do anything, and the bad things would still keep happening. And I wouldn't have solved any of the bad things that had already happened. They'd just pile up. 
The alternative was to keep on chipping away at it, try to find alternative paths or paths of less resistance, in the hope that eventually -- in the words of Alice in Chains -- something's gotta turn out right.
So that's where we're at. Chippin' away. 


  1. Does it help if I let you know you're not alone? It seems like sometimes it's just a lot of one step forward, two steps back. I'll keep chippin' away too!

  2. You're definitely not alone! The universe has been shakin' my tree for a while now...gracefully climb down? or hang on 'til ya thump to the ground? hmm...

    Sending good vibes your way..

  3. It is ridiculous at what a little treasure you are, and the abundance of talent.
    Take solace in the fact that the universe is working its magic for amazingness in the future, and is changing your direction to get there. Hang in there! It's beautiful that your are embracing this, resistance only delays your natural course. Everything will be, just as it's meant to. Keep chipping away with positivity! I'm excited for you! xxx

  4. Even though things have been shifting right before your eyes lately, I know the universe wouldn't give a brave girl like you something you couldn't handle. Be the eye of the storm girl! <3 xo Annejelina

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