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I've noticed, over the past year, that I'm always starting email replies with: 'Sorry, things have just been so hectic...'
For a whole year I've been saying that -- as if, sometime soon things are going to be less hectic, and I'll start replying to emails, messages, phone calls and comments in a timely fashion. But I'm realising -- more and more -- that things just are hectic. We're always trying to jam more stuff into less time, never reaching the bottom of that to-do list. 
And speaking of which, I've started viewing my to-do lists as aspirational compositions. As in, if I get about three things crossed off, that's a job well done. 
But anyway, what I'm saying is that I seem to be less and less able to find time to post stuff here, so sorry if things are a bit quiet. I'm hoping to share a bit more in coming weeks, but that might be aspirational too... At any rate, I'm always posting sketchbook pics over on Instagram (@raychponygold)... And I'm always adding something new to that to-do list. 


  1. We all experiences hectic times and know how it can be, don't worry too much about that :)

  2. I love this drawing so much, Raych! I'm so in love with her hair and the floral background!
    And yeah, things are just hectic all the's a wonder we ever get anything done in my opinion.

  3. I know exactly how you feel, as soon as you think you have some free time something else comes up.



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