On the train, listening to John Lee Hooker – and today John Lee Hooker, only, works for this magic – to make all the people disappear, and the train disappear, and the city disappear … to be replaced by green plains, by hills or trees, by a line of sight clear to the horizon. By solitude, by depth, by something closer to life and nature.
Things that are happening lately -- above and below ...

So, two exciting things – (1) I’m now a Volcom Ambassador, which means lots of new and exciting things are coming up. Also, other Ambassadors include crazy-amazing word-wizards and artists like Gemma O’Brien and Jamie Browne, so I’m in incredible company.

(2) I’m heading over to Europe in about a week, for six weeks – firstly to Belgium before a drive over to Sweden, and then Iceland (!!), before heading down to Italy and Spain.

This also means that as of tomorrow I’m shutting my online store for about two months … so if there’s something you have your eye on, make haste here!

So hopefully in among all this there’s time to start posting on here again – and also time for making some really cool content to share xx 


  1. Wooo so many exciting things!
    Enjoy your time in Europe <3

  2. congratulaions for your blog I just found it and I am delighted thank you very much

  3. Congrats on becoming a Volcom Ambassador!! That's amazing news! I absolutely love your art! That eagle is beautiful!



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