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Things that have been excellent in November: 

A new house in a new suburb, with crazy warped floors and a weird log-cabin vibe Δ bushwalks with Humble and Scotty Δ Talking Heads Δ ciders in the sun in our back yard Δ eating quesadillas and watching Louis Theroux Δ this Coyote Negro ring Δ this new shoot from Three Arrows Leather Δ any image created by Dana Trippe Δ Chuck Palahniuk books Δ stealing flowers from all the crazy gardens along our new street Δ these Strong Medicine fire keepers at Sugarhigh and Lovestoned Δ catching my housemate Ben Whiting playing live shows around Melbourne Δ this scaly-sequinned mermaid-on-the-morph dress from Portmans Δ the new Volcom blog Δ flicking through Twoone’s new Psychological Portraits II on a lazy daylight-savings afternoon Δ Moroccan hair oil and coconut body mist from the Body Shop Δ the buzzy, end-of-year anticipation feeling that has me daydreaming about drinking tins in the river on the farm and eating long lazy late-twilight dinners and laughing lots with my family … Δ


  1. I have to like all of those :D Especially stealing flowers and crazy gardens

    1. I've learnt two new flowers since we've been here … good progress :)


  2. Congrats on the new home, Rachel! That is a dream for me, I'm only 19 and I've got a long way to go. Glad your blog is here to keep me inspired and with a warm creative heart. :]

    - Lizz
    Smile a little here :]



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