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Having a relatively short attention span when it comes to ideas and preoccupations, I rarely draw 'studies' for paintings. I'm never really that well prepared, and am usually just hoping things will turn out OK. Mostly, the image is making a kind of faith-based jump from my mind to the page. 
And, unsurprisingly, it rarely turns out how I'd initially hoped it would. 

So I'm trying to form a habit of working on studies; familiarising myself with what I'm trying to produce. Here's a couple from the weekend, which, as so often happens, just deteriorated into me painting gum blossoms. 

Also, a time-lapse video of me drawing is up on the Volcom blog here. 


  1. I do the same thing. Sets off on a large painting or drawing with barely a picture in my head. Lately I have become better at planning a little ahead and sketch because the pictures can be so much better of it, especially how I place things in relation to other things. Many times the sketches becomes small artwork on their own, like yours! They are really beautiful!

  2. Always amazing compositions, love your visual language!

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog



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