For the past four or five days, I've been feeling efficient. On top of things. Cool/calm/collected. 
Everything seems to be running smoothly: deadlines are being met, projects are being completed. Even the paperwork and financials are being seen to. 

Naturally, I feel suspicious. 
This is not the usual way of things. 
I'm sure that any minute now I'm going to uncover a to-do list of twenty missed deadlines, seven abandoned projects begging to be finished, four crucial emails that remain unwritten, and some kind of convoluted, time-consuming exercise plan for my dog. 

Oh well, I'll just enjoy it for now. 


  1. Love it *-*

  2. I can never get over how incredible your works are. They inspire me so much! xx

  3. Your sketchbook inspires me to draw more. Absolutely stunning. My life isn't so smooth right now, so I've been doodling and sketching and reading blogs like this one to let it out and distract myself. Thank you! And I hope that list doesn't exist.

  4. Wow, wonderful illustrations, you're so talented!
    Hannah x



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