Instead of my usual weekly sketchbook-peek photo essays, I thought I'd do a quick little film... In the weird blue shade at my parents' farm and, damn, I wish I'd tied my hair up before I started filming the flip-through.
I'd love to do another one of these soon, but it's a bit hard when I tend to draw on crazily different-sized pages all the time (and consequently lose them)... Travelling with one A5 sketchbook made me consistent, and my work a bit more journalised.
But anyway, while I was in Vimeo uploading the above video, I watched this again for the first time in ages... I really have to do another installment of this type of video soon. I can't believe how much my style has evolved over the past year (if not my attitude -- like the 'fucker' tattoo? Maybe still harbouring some NIN influences leftover from high school).


  1. Just curious, you seem to have a lot of Native American influence in your style and work, even the way you dress. Do you have Native American ancestry or is it more a love of the culture?

    1. Hi Rhomany,

      Firstly, sorry in advance for the huuuuge answer coming up, but cultural influence and appropriation is something people really feel strongly about – especially where white women and Native American culture are concerned -- so I felt I should give a bit of an explanation.

      I don’t have any Native American ancestry, I’m Australian. I love the imagery of Native American culture, but my influences come from broader fields... I grew up on a farm that backs on to bushland, so a lot of my influences in art and style come from being close to nature, animals, farming and wildness growing up – that’s where the feathers and animal skulls come from. At the same time, I’m interested in universal consciousness and how that comes out in art (similarities between the belief-systems/iconography/art of, say, Indigenous Australian and Papua New Guinean cultures, or Egyptian and Native American cultures), which is where the geometric/tribal/symbolic aspect (the rising eyes/wings/geometry and patterning) comes into things… I feel like there are certain images that resonate with the human mind, for some reason, and they appear consistently across isolated cultures, which seemed to be more attuned to that universal consciousness. At the same time, I try to be respectful of and sensitive toward the cultures I’m influenced by, and problems with cultural appropriation. I try to ensure that the spiritual and cultural experience I’m communicating is my own interpretation, and not a trivialisation of someone else’s history. I think the imagery in Native American culture is just beautiful, but I try not to run too close to it for that reason.

      And that being said, most of my favourite jewellery pieces/accessories are Native American or southwestern/Americana. But I do try to keep it to artisian stuff, things that were manufactured for trade, not for use in religious ceremonies.

      I hope all this makes sense! :)

      Raych x

  2. Loved it!! Such a great way to present your work!!

  3. It was great to see you in action here. Man what I wouldn't give for a teaspoon of your creativity!

  4. LOVE THIS. Love your art so much. I have the same problem of consistency with one journal, trying really hard to put together a sketchbook that flows nicer but I always get distracted or start something else...
    Petit Dora xoxo

  5. well done you! that was pretty fun to watch this video! you've done a very great work, girl! X

  6. i love this! your drawings are so amazing!

  7. Thanks for all your kind words everyone! And I'm glad you enjoyed... hopefully be able to do a couple more in the future :) xxx



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