So I made another video... this one probably isn't as interesting as the last, and is a bit longer and even more self indulgent(!)... But if you were wondering what I was doing while I was away (road tripping from Melbourne to Byron Bay and then back to the farm), here it is. 
Yep, it's mostly a video of my dog (at 0:40 she realises she can't swim properly -- twice -- which is pretty funny). 

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  1. Bahaha, she can follow a board but no she cannot swim. That is HILARIOUS! And I love videos of people's dogs so keep them coming! When people want to show me photos of their kids I have to feign interest but when someone shows me a photo of their dog I'm like "so, do you have any more?!" I feel like I went on a road trip this morning instead of being at work; monday's suck.

    ps. This comment is too long but I had to say; loved that drawing in the beginning. Loved it!



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