Photography: Amanda Leigh Smith ∆ Model: Thalia Kelly ∆ Styling: Tashina Hill ∆ Assistant: Ginger McCabe
Shirts: Mate Vintage ∆ Jewellery: Cobracult ∆ Leather bags: New Church ∆ Painted skull: Medicine Collective
See the whole shoot here.

Two years ago, I was sitting at my parents' dining room table, inking in painstaking fine lines, leaning over a sketchbook until the muscles in my neck started seizing up and giving me migraines. I was watching the clock to see how late I leave it before I got up from the table and went to work.
I was totally compulsive. I had to finish a new work every day. Some of them were starting to come out well, I thought, and every now and then my hands would accurately interpret what my head wanted to communicate.

Despite my compulsion to draw all the time, I didn't know why I was doing it. Or what I was trying to make. Or where I wanted to go with it. There was a sense of inertia that I very much still feel, the need to just keep creating at any cost.

But I can say one thing for sure. Two years ago, in the late-winter dawn of my parents farm, I would not have ever thought that my artwork would be out in the world, being worn by people I'll never meet or see, and -- no less -- being shot by one of my favourite photographers. It's a huge privilege and honour to share in such an amazing creative community, and I guess it's part of the why, what and where I've been trying to get to for the past few years. 


  1. amazing pictures!


    Coline ♡

  2. This is so exciting, gorgeous prints and lovely shoot!

  3. wow! well done you, girl! You are really talented! and all this is just very exciting! congrats!
    p.s. photos look great. girl, horses, and cars - prefect combination! :)

  4. I think I am in your position of a few years ago and this makes me feel like there is a reason to keep drawing! Thank you!

  5. That state of not know why you want to draw, just that you want to is totally the stage that i am in with my own art at the moment. I seem to just be creating for the sake of creating. Its so inspiring to hear that you were once in that state too :)



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