Here's a little sneak peek at all the ideas I've been playing with lately... 
Also, a big thanks for everyone who keeps supporting me and checking in, even though I've been the worst emailer/comment-replier ever. All your kind words and just general rad supportiveness is amazing and keeps me working to create and curate more inspiring, light-giving work and images. So thanks. 
Hopefully I'll be able to dedicate a bit more time to interacting more with everyone, I've just been working a way on a very special project that I'll be revealing in the coming days.
So check back in soon, I'm really excited to share something new with you all...


  1. Hi there!
    I love your blog, really! Keep going.
    I wonder where you get these books that you draw in. Is it just a regular bookshop or any website? I have a hard time find any myself:(
    I'd be glad for answer, have a good day :)

    1. Hey Jennifer! I get them from Officeworks, which is an Aussie store, so not sure where you're based... But they're pretty standard 110gsm books. And thank you for your kind words :) hope you're well xxx

  2. pretty awesomeee, can't wait to hear what the new project is!

  3. They're all pretty amazing. I especially like the "wild one." Keep on keepin on :D

  4. What an amazing sketchbook! Your drawings are beautiful, great line work & detail.

  5. As always, a beautiful and inspiring post! If I had an ounce of your talent I'd be very very happy!

    Treasure those diaries of yours... they're stunning. xx

  6. i can't stand how many ideas come through your mind!!! i am so intimidated by a blank piece of paper and a pen, i just don't know what to draw! you, it just seems like it flows non-stop. for that i am so jealous. but at the same time, i love discovering the different little elements throughout your work. i love it!



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