I Gotta New Crush

And I am crushing hard.

Image from www.jonathanlevinegallery.com Copyright Esao Andrews.
Esao Andrews, Brooklyn based, upcoming first solo show Solid Void at Jonathon Levine in NY, has done work for Baker skateboards and DC and Vertigo Comics, Juxtapoz are diggin'.

And he has a damn cute dog named Soybean.

Image from Esao's blog, by Thomas Prior

Why Brisbane Sucks:

Image from listerart.com.au
Really... It took them only two days to spot it and to get rid of it? I've been looking at the same hideous tags around my suburb--which don't get removed--for such a long time now.
I'd be psyched for a Lister piece.

OK, so it's not a big deal I guess, everyone gets buffed, but it did take him two days and was on private property, which I think is the bone of contention. The work was commissioned by the land owner, created by one of Brisbane's finest and got to with a quickness by the BCC Graffiti Reduction Unit.

Brisbane is a weird city in terms of making me think that a lot of 'enforcement' people, or people employed in sectors like the "Graffiti Reduction Unit", have a fair bit of spare time lying around, and are putting it to kind of questionable use.

In Vino Veritas

Wine and painting. Doesn't get much finer than this.
And lord knows I love nothing better than a good time lapse clip.

Also, Marcelo Daldoce is an awesome illustrator outside of wine: pretty women, buttery water-colours and slick psychedelic typography.
All of it tasting good.

Nec spe, nec metu

I've been digging on Shida's work pretty much since I moved to Brisbane and started recognising it everywhere... so understandably am psyched about this show. He has such a distinct and strong style, sort of like things you've seen somewhere... maybe... but nothing like anything that's currently out there. I get really impressed by artists who have their own definite, unique imagery. And Georg has got a kind of Anthony Lister thing happening, which can only be good right? Which is definitely not to say it's derivative, because his stuff is rad rad rad in its own right.

And as far as I can get it, the show title is translating to 'Without fear or hope" or "Neither fear nor hope"...
Ninelives now til the 24th.


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