Lately I’ve been drawing cats and lobsters, seahorses and skulls; I’ve been camping on strange riverbanks and staring at the stars, reading in the shade and practicing the banjo.
Good times indeed.

Also, there’s 25 per cent off everything in my online store here, using the code PRINTSALE at the checkout. 


I've got a new post up on the Volcom blog here, illustrating loads of things I love. Of all my recent illustration work, this is some of my favourite (as well as some of the most time-consuming and mind-bending) ... so go check it out! 


For the past four or five days, I've been feeling efficient. On top of things. Cool/calm/collected. 
Everything seems to be running smoothly: deadlines are being met, projects are being completed. Even the paperwork and financials are being seen to. 

Naturally, I feel suspicious. 
This is not the usual way of things. 
I'm sure that any minute now I'm going to uncover a to-do list of twenty missed deadlines, seven abandoned projects begging to be finished, four crucial emails that remain unwritten, and some kind of convoluted, time-consuming exercise plan for my dog. 

Oh well, I'll just enjoy it for now. 


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