Harley Davidson boots (eBay); Dr Denim jeans; Three Arrows Leather bag; vintage Harley Davidson shirt; Cormac McCarthy – All the pretty horses; Cotton on bra; Howlin’ Wolf necklace; Sportgirl sunglasses; Spell necklace and ring; Rejoice the hands ring; Buffalo Girl leather ring; Tree of life eagle earrings; Posca and Unipin pens; Vintage Zeiss Ikon camera; Pony Gold Wildness art print; All others are vintage/market finds/gifts.

Sometimes it’s a hangover, or a lack of sleep, or I’m just plain discouraged about facing the day, but there are definitely times when I have to hit autopilot in the mornings and gravitate toward my favourite go-to things – boots, jeans, shirt, jewellery – to get me through. 
The comfort of slipping into well-worn boots and jeans is not to be underestimated – especially when you can be sure that said boots are not going to betray you with blisters halfway through a trek across the city. And as for go-to jewellery, I think the secret is buying well-made pieces with quality metals and stones. They’re maybe a little more expensive, but I’ve been carting some parts of my jewellery box around for more than 10 years – so it pays for itself, I like to think.    
So these are the things I have on high-rotation; things that I’m going to wear to death and then despair about replacing for a few months … Also, there's a few favourite books and artworks and plants for good measure. What I didn't realise, though, was that so much of it is black.

But… res ipsa loquitur, I guess. 


Fridays are for Ted Nugent. 
Fridays are also for long weekends this week in Victoria, so hopefully by the end of it I have lots of new things to show you!


So I'm seriously (and overwhelmingly) thinking about this show in May... I've started on tiny pieces of work, all of which I'm cataloguing over here at (working title) Welcome to Wonder Valley.


I don't know about sketchbooks anymore. I've pretty much been working exclusively on ripped up pieces of watercolour paper or painting on bones. 
It's going OK so far. 

I'm getting to the end of my last few commission pieces, and looking forward to actually getting somewhere with pieces for my show in May.
I'm nervous/excited about all the things I want to do, but may/may not be capable of.
We'll see.


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