I've been having a bit of digital-magic fun ... these were created for my latest Volcom blog post, which you can check out here if you want to see more in the same vein (or if you're keen on tattooed cockatoos and kookaburras).

Also, I've printed a couple of A3 posters of these works, which you can shop here (along with a lot of my older limited edition prints, which are on sale at the moment!).

Lots of exciting life-change moments are happening right now ... but more on that soon. All this life-changing is making me incredibly busy and kind-of frantic.


Things I loved in April:
These Valley Cruise Press pins; Eden adventures on Australia’s south coast – that means dolphins, penguins, squid, diving, octopus, waterfalls, beers, and the best vegie burgers at the pub; celebrating five years of good years with my partner; winter vegetable gardening; Easter daisiesand flower collages; sunny days with threatening afternoon storm clouds; making crazy variety salads to fend off winter sickness; forcing others to listen to the B52s and MJ in the car; Lester Bangs’s biography; lemons slowly turning yellow on our tree; Woody Guthrie wisdom; fireside drinks with friends; CobraCult pieces like this; back-veranda-studio days; and scary future plans. 


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