We went up the mountain to check things out...I'm so scared of llama/alpaca animals. And this guy was a prime example of why. So sketchy looking.

Live free or die

Every now and then I would pass a car with New Hampshire plates and the motto 'Live Free or Die' inscribed above the numbers. The highways are full of good mottos. But TS Eliot put them all in a sack when he coughed up that line about... what was it? Have these Dangerous Drugs fucked my memory? Maybe so. But I think it went something like this: "Between the Idea and the Reality... Falls the Shadow."

-- Hunter S Thompson, from Fear and Loathing: on the campaign trail '72.

Details. I'm still working out what the hell is going on in photoshop/backgrounds. But I really liked this drawing, which I think was a direct result of it being started on a scrappy bit of paper with spray paint smudged on it... I always end up liking the stuff that doesn't start out serious.


Yarrghh. Friday. The cute birds didn't work so well. It's hard to draw properly when you're trying to be sneaky, and are supposed to be working... but, as usual, you get the idea.
I've got something coming up that I'm super psyched on.
Maybe tomorrow.

Not dying.

Heavy week and it's only Tuesday.

Don't ever agree to a job without asking how close it's going to bring you to dead people.

Cookies and cream

My first attempt at colouring something in photoshop came out like this: Which is a little bit brutal.

Hangover Sunday is probably not the right day for trying new stuff.


Because that's what day it be.

Yes, it is.

You know what that is? That's a size-22 denim vest that someone has lovingly appliqued cow skull motifs on. It needs a bit of work--like I either start hitting the KFC frequently, or I get acquainted with a sewing machine--but I couldn't say no.

The op-shops were bangin' this afternoon--like slouchy leather boots and a patchwork suede bowling bag.

Yep, it's the Valley's redeeming factor.

Welcome to the jungle


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