This is Goomblar Wylo and Uncle Martin.
Martin is, I think unintentionally but I'm not sure, the funniest guy I've ever met. He also has the most banging style in terms of colour schemes.

Part of my job is to take photos, something I'm definitely not qualified to do.
These are some of my favourite shots I've taken so far... None were used for publication.

Pappachi update

Carnage, hat, machinery. What a dude.
This is part of the mini-cyclone that was/is responsible for us having no power and still not having a phoneline.
I just heard him say on the phone that he wouldn't be wanting to try and sell firewood this year.
He's an astute kinda guy.


The road outside our house.

Mum was cutting down certain trees she didn't want to keep growing.

These were the ones she did want.

No access home.

One flew

Dangar Falls

OK times at the Rural Affairs Desk

Things are going hellishly wrong with the blender--raw Jack Daniels and lime concoctions are only going to get rawer.
It's been a hectic week... a mini-cyclone tore through the Valley and knocked out our power for a day and a half. Trees-fucking-everywhere. Douggie ruling with a chainsaw.
Today was fun though, I went out on a boat with some of the aboriginal elders and checked out the river-islands and swimming snakes.
And there is some stuff underway... paintings and photos and me and Rosetta getting wasted tomorrow.

Jesus walks

I am eagerly awaiting a delivery of new David Foster Wallace books. And even though he's dead, a new novel of his is being released early this year.
He's like Tupac, but way fucking smarter.
This is so American, man: either make something your God
and cosmos and then worship it, or else kill it.

You're plain

Press PLAY
Read Bonfire of the Vanities or Infinite Jest
Drink anything available

Stolen Jacket

Look in the palm of my hand, man...
That's where your heart is.

So... how's your girl?

New sketches tomorrow, then the painting starts. I'm psyched about these next two bits of work.
Meanwhile, it's been mostly aquatic.

Apart from the fact that he's taken to wearing Crocs, my dad's the best.

And this one goes without saying.


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