On the train, listening to John Lee Hooker – and today John Lee Hooker, only, works for this magic – to make all the people disappear, and the train disappear, and the city disappear … to be replaced by green plains, by hills or trees, by a line of sight clear to the horizon. By solitude, by depth, by something closer to life and nature.
Things that are happening lately -- above and below ...

So, two exciting things – (1) I’m now a Volcom Ambassador, which means lots of new and exciting things are coming up. Also, other Ambassadors include crazy-amazing word-wizards and artists like Gemma O’Brien and Jamie Browne, so I’m in incredible company.

(2) I’m heading over to Europe in about a week, for six weeks – firstly to Belgium before a drive over to Sweden, and then Iceland (!!), before heading down to Italy and Spain.

This also means that as of tomorrow I’m shutting my online store for about two months … so if there’s something you have your eye on, make haste here!

So hopefully in among all this there’s time to start posting on here again – and also time for making some really cool content to share xx 


Lenni the Label Doom Jacket, Volcom jeans, vintage hat, sunglasses and turquoise necklace.

I'm probably not the best collaborator. I should be, and I'd like to be, as an artist. But after spending so much time working alone, in my own head, in a bubble that at times is so intensely focused I can't even hear what is going on around me, it's a bit hard to admit someone else into that space. And when you're used to being the sole arbiter of ideas in your work, it's a weird thing to try and see someone else's vision. 

So, it's a good thing that Lenni the Label knows how to take an idea and run with it. The Doom Jacket is one of my very favourite incarnations of my work, mostly because, well, sequins and tie-dye. I love how Lenni took this tiny little drawing, that I wouldn't have thought twice about using anywhere, and made it something new and striking.

The only downside is that it's freezing and blowing arctic winds and rain in Melbourne right now, so it's really no time for short sleeves.
But soon enough ...


Lately, I'm having an excellent time buying more books than I can read (on wildflowers, Ram Dass, Del Kathryn Barton), hiding from the cliche Melbourne weather (rain failing at whim, freezing and grey), painting on my hands, collective native flowers, and re-watching the Jurassic Park trilogy. 

ALSO, I've been cleaning up my collections of things (mostly stacks of paper, prints and sketchbooks), and so now I have a few prints with 30% off here, including some old favourites and some editions that I thought had run out. Just use the code PRINTSALE at the checkout. 


Leather jacket by Volcom.
Some things are simply beautiful and colourful and weird and fun.


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